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Recovery Package 

Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 3 months.
A great way to recover from injury or a period of illness. 8 Pilates sessions over 4 weeks.

This includes includes four 1:1 sessions and four studio Pilates classes. 
The guidance and support you receive in the 1:1 sessions will ease you back to normal movement and function and you can practise this in the safety of the studio classes. £200
Gail is the most highly trained Pilates Instructor in the area, with a minimum 15,000 teaching hours.  Trained in the rehabilitation of low back pain, Osteoporosis, etc.    Fully qualified with THREE outstanding Pilates training providers, Pilates Institute with Michael King, STOTT Pilates of Canada (STOTT Pilates Instructors are known as the Ivy League of Pilates Instructors due to their rigorous training method), and Body Control Pilates, London (known as the leading Pilates Training Provider in Europe)   meaning her classes are second to none!   Gail's says, "everyone will benefit from my classes even if they have attended Pilates classes before and not found relief from pain or bad posture, that is a promise whatever your issue.  Feel free to ring me and discuss what you would like to achieve from my classes!" 

Initially Trained as an Exercise to Music Instructor in 2001 working in most of the Major Health Clubs & Coventry City Council's Adult Education Service,  Gail attended a Pilates class after suffering with  lower back pain from which, at times, she was bed ridden and immediately noticed a vast improvement in her condition.   Coventry’s Adult Education Service offered to pay for her training which she did through Michael King at the Pilates Institute London.  Gail then went on to teach 15 Pilates classes per week,  for Adult Education, Cannons Health Club, Fitness First, Coventry Sports Centre, along with being Pilates Instructor and Studio Co-ordinator at one of Richard Branson's Virgin Active Health Clubs in Rugby, where she auditioned and managed all Freelance Instructors and arranged their timetable.  Gail then studied with STOTT Pilates Canada and Body Control Pilates Level 3  Advanced Pilates Instructor and she is also a member of the Body Control Pilates Association and adheres to their strict code of conduct.  Also studying Level 4 Low Back Pain qualification on top of her existing back care course with STOTT Pilates and POLESTAR Pilates.  Level 4 is the fitness industries highest qualification. Gail is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals and also fully insured through REPS.

Gail takes referrals from the Physiotherapists at the BMI Meriden Private Hospital, Coventry, Bill Garland Oesteopath at the Park Practice, Fiona O'Reilly, Private Physiotherapist, Gemma Collins, Chiropractor and other Physiotherapists and Chiropractors and currently has 6 GP’s and 4 Physiotherapists in her 20 well established classes.

Her education, teaching experience and passion for fitness are now being put to good use in the form of Coventry Pilates Studio and Pilates with Gail

Gail currently works with the Body Control Pilates method but combines knowledge and experience from all three qualifications to ensure each class works effectively.


PILATES INSTITUTE - Matwork Fundamentals NVQ Level 2 (2002)
PILATES INSTITUTE - Intermediate Matwork NVQ Level 2 (2003)
PILATES INSTITUTE - Advanced Matwork NVQ Level 2 (2003)
PILATES INSTITUTE- Matwork Diploma Level 3  (Advanced Pilates Instructor)
STOTT PILATES –  Essential Matwork (2009)

STOTT PILATES - Intermediate Matwork (2009)
STOTT PILATES - Advanced Matwork (2010)                                   
Body Control Pilates -  Certified Pilates Instructor Level 3 (2014)
Advanced Pilates Instructor- CYQ L3 (2014)   
Body Control Pilates - Matwork Evolution    
Body Control Pilates - Intermediate Matwork
Body Control Pilates Association - Member

Body Control Pilates - Pilates for Bone Health Osteoporsis  
Level 3 Award from VTCT in designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes

Level 3 Award from VTCT in Designing Pre- and Post-natal Exercise Programmes - See more at:




ACTIVE IQ -   Anatomy and Physiology NVQ Level 3
ACTIVE IQ -    Principles of Fitness NVQ Level 3                       


INTELLIGENT FITNESS – Functional Anatomy
INTELLIGENT FITNESS  - Analysis of Human Movement
INTELLIGENT FITNESS – Advasnced Skills – Flexibility & Science of Sretching
INTELLIGENT FITNESS – Postural Assessment & Correction      

STOTT PILATES - Stabilization Principle
STOTT PILATES - Lumbo-Pelvic Stability & Function
STOTT PILATES - Shoulder Girdle – Stability & Function
STOTT PILATES – Scoliosis management
STOTT PILATES - Osteoporosis management
STOTT PILATES -- Prenatal matwork with Stability Ball & Flex-Band
STOTT PILATES -  Postnatal Pilates with matwork & Toning Balls
STOTT PILATES  - Functional Training with the Fitness Circle
STOTT PILATES - muscular Strength & Endurance for Teens
STOTT PILATES -mini Stability-Ball Workout
STOTT PILATES - MATWORK FOR KIDS                                                                          
STOTT PILATES - Stability Ball Challenge
STOTT PILATES - Pilates with Props Level 1
STOTT PILATES - Pilates with Props Level 2
STOTT PILATES - On A Roll Foam Roller Level 1
STOTT PILATES - Foam Roller Challenge
STOTT PILATES  - Postural Analysis Review
STOTT PILATES - Stability Ball 3D Balance 


As a Dr and being very aware of my disabling back condition,  I contacted Gail after reading her extensive CV of training and workshops and have been attending her Pilates classes for the past 4 years.  I came to  Pilates after a spinal fusion.  Making no Improvements a month after my operation, I contacted Gail and did 4  one-to-one sessions before joining a group class just a month later!   Ten weeks after my operation I could walk 2 miles Pain-free and my consultant was absolutely amazed With my rehabilitation after such a short time period.    Not only did she help me regain my 'core strength' she found a variety of misalignments with my body which we worked on.   I have, unbelievably gone from someone who certainly could not walk without pain, round shoulders and severe neck pain, into a taller, stronger person who has been Pain-free now (that includes my neck) for the past 3 1/2 years - Gail Managed to incorporate my difficulties into her group classes and she is easily able to adapt her class for many people during one session, never letting us put a foot wrong!  She also has strong anatomical knowledge which she cleverly teaches her students, enabling them to learn how to use their bodies during the class and in their everyday lives.  She teaches in a friendly and detailed manner which  is needed in this discipline.  Gail thank you for giving me my life back...  I would never have thought it possible!  I would be happy to recommend Gail's  Pilates classes to anybody!!
Dr Sarah Chatworth
General practitioner

I have been attending Gail's Pilates classes for nearly 5 years, and I know she has literally kept me on the "straight and narrow". I have a number of prolapsed discs in my back was in great pain and my posture was shot to pieces, now I no longer lean to the right and slouch like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I found the classes via an internet search and rang her to see if she could help rebuild my core strength and flexibility. She has indepth anatomical knowledge and a great understanding of everyone's needs and limitations. She never fails to impress me with her knowledge of each persons abilities, advising caution for one type of exercise but encouraging (in the nicest possible way!) you to reach for the next level.
I would like to say I am at an advanced level, but I know I have so much further to go. I enjoy every lesson and would recommend Gail's classes to anyone who was looking for a Pilates instructor. Thanks Gail for all your support and help.
Sue Byrne, Wyken.

I have been coming to Gail's Pilates group for 3 years.  The progressive exercises have  made me feel much stronger and I really enjoy the variation and enthusiasm with which she takes her classes.
Sandra Jepson
(Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist)

If you’re already fit, and your chosen sport or exercise uses a few muscles intensively, then Pilates is an ideal way to relax and tone your whole body. If you are unfit, suffering from fatigue (as I was) or have poor posture, then Pilates is a great place to start. I was a bit nervous when I joined Gail’s class, but she makes everyone welcome. I can still remember the first exercise – a roll down – feeling my body relax was a wonderful release. For a few weeks I was stiff after each class because in Pilates you focus on many muscles you don’t generally use in day-to-day living. But this soon goes.
Gail is an expert and enthusiastic instructor who continually updates her training. We all know when she has been on a new course: we get put through a new set of exercises or an old exercise is given a new dimension! No matter what your level, Gail will adapt the exercise so that you can progress, and improve your health and sense of well-being. Four years later on, I am much more flexible and fitter. Highly recommended!
Dr Paul Smith

After finding out I had herniated a lumbar disc after 6-7 weeks of constant pain. I opted for conservative management of my LBP and this included exercise. I was terrified of moving let alone a Pilates class. No need to worry under Gail expert guidance "listen to your body" being her mantra.
Well I listened and slowly but surely I learnt to move and have confidence in how I move. It's been a step by step process but I have been pain free for nearly 4 years.
So if your hesitant about trying Pilates give it a go.
I cannot recommend Gail highly enough.
Teresa Horgan, Coventry

Gail has been my Pilates instructor for several years now and I cannot praise her skills highly enough. I was reluctant to exercise, was a very hesitant beginner. Gail is patient and calm, able to deal with a wide range of ability in one class and keep everyone motivated and challenged. As a result I feel a noticeable change in my fitness and my back is much more supple than it was.

Gail is able to give individual help where it is needed, offer advice on technique, and is inspirational in her demonstrations. 

She attends many courses and keeps her teaching skills up to date. She is professional in all she does, with a lively teaching style and a good humoured approach to her work and to her students of every ability.
Avril Leigh Earlsdon

I took up Pilates over nine years ago in a bid to combat a lower back condition (which can affect mobility/flexibility) and in order that I could continue to play hockey.
 Gail has been my teacher for a number of years now and Pilates has indeed proved to be the most beneficial exercise for me whilst Gail is the most experienced, knowledgeable and perceptive Pilates teacher I have worked with.
 Her commitment to continually developing her own knowledge is impressive and demonstrates how much she values her (many)clients.Classes are both fun and challenging:Gail constantly tailors exercises to specific needs,is mindful of our different strengths and weaknesses and maintains interest by continually evolving the syllabus.
 I am (nearly) 48 and still playing hockey!
Clare, Earlsdon

I have been attending Gail's Pilates classes for the last 2 years. I initially joined a Pilates class at a local school and found it didn't cater for beginners; the exercises were difficult and put me off!  I searched on-line for classes in the area and found Gail. I started weekly classes at Grace Academy as a beginner.  Gail is very friendly and knows her stuff! She is very mindful of peoples individual needs and manages to cater for all levels in her weekly classes. She does this through knowing her pupils well and talking to them about their individual needs. 

Gail is very down to earth and approachable. She creates a very friendly atmosphere in her sessions and makes each exercise accessible to the individual needs of her pupils. It's this personal attention that make her classes great!  In the last 2 years I have noticed improvements in my posture as well as my back pains; which have virtually disappeared! I have toned up and my body shape has diminished in size!

Thank you, Gail, for your inspiration and super classes!

Kerin Sohanta, Coventry

- I had joined Gails class back in 2010 after a recommendation from  a friend.  I had been diagnosed with a degenerative spine condition which mostly affects my neck, back in 2007.  I had been to Pilates classes with another instructor but had given them up as I felt that the execises and lack of help and support were not helpful for my condition.  After my first class with Gail (and alot of her help!) I had a week free of my prescription drugs and my condition continued to improve not just in that the pain subsided but also my movement, suppleness and co-ordination was much improved.  While I had to give up my life time sport of horse riding back in 2007,  I had taken up kick boxing in 2010 and Pilates proved a huge advantage with my core balance and kicks!!
Unfortunately my condition, as expected, has deteriorated but I have always been determined to continue with my pilates as I am sure it does me good. 

Gail has been outstanding in her help and support in helping me to find a level that I can work at and is always full of great advice.  Her knowledge is second to none and she has endless patience and is always there to listen and help.  There are few opportunities that you get to work with someone of such outstanding knowledge and teaching skills and I certainly cannot thank Gail enough!"
Fiona Bubb, Fillongly.

I have been attending Gail's pilates classes for six years now. I am very keen on keeping fit in a range of different ways and I can honestly say that Gail's classes are the best! Not only are they great fun with a friendly and supportive atmosphere, but Gail's knowledge of anatomy and the way pilates moves affect your body means that we always learn something new in every class. No matter what your ability or age, Gail is able to respond to your needs immediately and she tailors her programme to you. Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise. I use it to support and improve my running and martial arts and my improved core strength has really helped my performance in those two disciplines. I have tried pilates classes elsewhere and they are not a patch on Gail's!
Dr Catherine Armstrong