Mum and Baby Yoga- restarts January 2017 - for babies 6 wks to crawling!

Mum and Baby Yoga

OK, you’ve just had a baby, and now you have 2 new goals – getting your body back in shape and having sacred time with your newborn. Coventry Pilates Studio Mum & Baby yoga class is exactly what you need!
Mixing postnatal core strengthening, deep stretches and mobility with fun songs and baby bonding exercises, Mum & Baby yoga class is the perfect environment to unwind, have 1 on 1 dedicated time with your baby and meet other like-minded new moms.

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The class is a led class focused on you and your baby and your time together. If you relax and become aware – so will your baby.
We begin by welcoming all moms and babies into the class with our “Hello” song! This gives all participants the chance to know names and develop a relaxed atmosphere. Moving onto gradual abdominal strengthening to help lift and tone the uterus – working to strengthen, align and ground.
There is lots of support available but no pressure – we can indulge both needs – deepen our bonds with our baby while healing our postpartum selves physically and mentally.

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There are endless benefits to join Mum and Baby yoga class, a few are mentioned below:
* It provides babies with a relaxed environment to begin experiencing their bodies, stimulating their basic motor skills and vision
* Promotes mind-body wellness for busy new mums
* Increased energy and vitality