Pelvic Floor Workshop

Pimp Your Pelvic Floor - Treating Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with a proven and effective system

Duration 6.5 hours over 2 workshops

Do you put up with moments where you cough, sneeze or laugh..... then oops, a little accident occurs?

What some people who have attended our workshop say

"I think it was a brilliant course and I would highly recommend it.  Even though I don't suffer with any pf problems yet I would still recommend it to all ages for preventitive measures. The workshop was delivered in an extremely informative and confident way." Helen McGuire

"I have been doing the exercises and have noticed  an improvement already!" (2 wks after workshop) Brenda Hammon

"I found the workshop to be very informative and have taken the tips onboard which are easy to introduce into daily activities. I have continued to do the exercises from the workshop.  I do feel that I have already gained benefit from the workshop." (2 wks after workshop) Susan Ward

"I really enjoyed the workshop and have been able to go out jogging again without coming back with sodden bottoms.  I'm so excited and can't believe how much the exercises have helped me this far.  Can't wait for the second workshop!" (4 wks after workshop) Jayne Corden  


No woman should have to put up with or accept that they have reached 'that time of their life'  Leaks and panty pads are not a cure neither is women having to accept the way they are or put up with it.  The Pelvic Floor is made up of a group of muscles and they can be strengthened the same as any other muscles in our body, especially if you know where they are, their size, what it looks like and how it works - you will learn all of this information with us!

Learn how to recruit and strengthen your Pelvic Floor muscles like never before. We will take time in this 3.5 hour workshop - using Kegels as only a starting point during the workshop before we supersize the exercises.  We will look at how the Pelvic Floor works in relation to the rest of our body and the importance of this.  You will learn and practise exercises specifically designed for optimum effect,  using part of and/or of our body.  The exercises are functional exercises and movements to maintain our newly strengthened Pelvic Floor musculature to enable us to run, jump, cough, sneeze without fear! 

Learn how posture plays a major role in strengthening and maintaining the Pelvic Floor.  The importance of breath.  Why we need a strong, but not too strong Pelvic Floor.   

Before learning how to strengthen the Pelvic Floor we will take time to learn how to use our breath to Release the Pelvic Floor a very important part before Strengthening!

It is a lot of information in our 3.5 hours i total  but you will be given all relevant paperwork to enable you to read about everything you've learnt during the workshop and exercises to continue to do.  We also provide props a pole and stretchy flexi band to enable you to carry on exercising at home.

The Practical

Nearly all of the workshop will involve releasing and recruiting the Pelvic Floor and surrounding core muscles - trying out the exercises then and there.  There is nothing that would cause anyone any embarrassment whatsoever so come prepared to take part.  Wear suitable clothing that you can move in.  Socks are needed please.  We will be using different highly effective breathing techniques during the workshop both at the beginning for releasing the Pelvic Floor and during the body of the workshop when we are carrying out our strengthening work. 

Follow up Workshop 2 weeks later duration 3 hours

The second workshop concentrates on the release and strengthening exercises given in the first workshop.  We can discuss and revisit anything that anyone would like to go over along with going over the initial exercises that were practised and continued at home.  We then learn and practise more exercises to make the exercises more functional the stronger your Pelvic Floor becomes.  

Again a booklet of exercises is given to take away and practise at home.  

Email support is ongoing as required.   

*please note exercises given at the initial workshop must be continued for full muscular effect.

I am trained in Pelvic Floor Health, menopause, hormones, organ prolapse, constipation, diet for the menopausal women and health during and beyond the menopause.

After my training I then used the technique and exercises on myself.  I was totally shocked at the dramatic difference in my Pelvic Floor in just 3 weeks which is why I am offering this workshop and its benefits to all women who would like to rid themselves of these unacceptable issues.