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pilates for kids



* Body Awareness
* Mental Concentration
* Injury Prevention
*Strength & Flexibility
* Weight Management
* Self-Esteem & Confidence
* Coordination & Balance

Motor development has always been an integral part of how Pilates instructors evaluate their clients’ fitness abilities – and how they create their clients’ individual training regimens. Furthermore, helping children become aware of their bodies from the inside-out is crucial to their overall development – and learning how their body moves
But perhaps one of the most important benefits for children is increased focus. Being able to centre the breath, hold various positions for a certain amount of time, and concentrate on mind-body fitness are cornerstones for youths to challenge their energies into one activity. Pilates does exactly this and more. This form of fitness provides the perfect physical and mental platform necessary for children to excel in athletics and in school.
“The emphasis on breathing allows us to focus our minds on what our bodies are doing. Pilates is all about using breath more effectively so we can increase awareness and focus in our everyday lives.  Children can learn the importance of focus and concentration with Pilates and also gain a sense of fulfilment or success at a level they can relate to.”

It’s true that when you take care of your body by eating right and exercising, you get healthier overall. This is what Pilates can do for Children and teens, no matter what their fitness level or athleticism. Regular exercise makes your body strong and flexible, helps you think more clearly and makes you feel more confident. Pilates helps children develop a general grasp on the importance of connecting the mind and body with fitness – and such benefits are clearly in the interest of building a solid foundation for an active, healthy life.  Pilates isn’t just about the exercise – it’s about the experience with oneself and what one gets out of it. At any age.