Pilates Mat Class

pilates coventryThe STOTT PILATES mat class is great for beginners or those returning to exercise, incorporating the five basic principles. You will build core strength-the foundation of stability in exercises in order to progress. This pilates mat class is designed to rebalance the body, bringing it into correct alignment, improving posture and body function. Your STOTT PILATES Mat teacher will use a variety of props and small equipment to target different muscle fibres, and add an element of fun as well as challenge to this classical pilates mat workout.
Pilates Mat classes are graded (see timetable) from beginner through to advanced . Mat classes utilise small props such as, bosu, foam rollers, pilates fitness circles, Mini Toning Balls, Soft Balls and flexi bands to make the workouts more engaging and dynamic.
"Have been going to the Pilates class for a couple of years now, and find it to be an enjoyable challenge mentally & physically, and it gives you a great sense of well being after each session. Since I have been going to the class my back pain has been greatly reduced, and my strength and posture have been improved dramatically through the expert tuition of Gail."- Client Andrew Spencer (SEE GAIL'S INSTRUCTOR PAGE FOR MANY TESTIMOMIALS) 

You'll be taken through a full body workout designed to strengthen core stability, lengthen muscles and increase flexibility in this pilates matwork class. All of the fundamental movements and pilates mat exercise principles are incorporated in the classes. The pilates mat exercises are adaptable to any fitness level, and it is nice to focus on learning the basics correctly without having to get friendly with new exercise equipment at the same time. The Pilates mat exercises will help you quickly gain a lot of strength and confidence in the Pilates method.

​WE also offer Pilates classes by all of our highly trained instructors including training through: Body Control Pilates, Balanced Body Pilates, HFE Training, Pilates Institute.  SEE OUR INSTRUCTOR BIOS ON THE INSTRUCTOR PAGES

"In ten sessions you'll feel the difference, in twenty you'll see the difference, and in thirty you'll have a new body."- Joseph Pilates